Friday, February 5, 2010


Finally, annoucements! I've teased about this for a long time and you may have already seen this on my Flickr, or elsewhere, but I got the advance copy of my book "Koko Be Good" this week. Check out the video flip-through:

And we have a release date: September 14th!

As you've probably guessed, it's a revamped long-form novel version of my short comic "Koko Be Good" (2004) you can read online. It's 300 pages, watercolored, published by the wonderful, wonderful, First Second Books. It should be available at regular book and comic stores, and while the messiness between Amazon and Macmillan isn't quite over yet, I'm sure by then you'd be able to order from them too. Just order from Powells instead. ;)

That seems like a long time, but it's relatively short compared to what's come before. Since I've been mostly silent about the subject, here's a breakdown of the timeline:

Winter 2006: Started scripting a few chapters in my notebook.

April 2007 - April 2008: Penciled the entire book. Printed it up, and sent it to my agent.

May 2008 - September 2008: The Waiting Game, part 1! Wrote another script, shelved it in time to get picked up by :01. Signed contracts, started going over tweaks and edits.

October 2008 - April 2009: Inking and coloring marathons.

May 2009 - now: The Waiting Game, part 2! Mainly copy-edits, cover design, etc. This was the longest wait, but now that it's here it's been pretty worthwhile. The book looks great. This really was a labor of love for me and my publishers did an fantastic job putting it all together. I hope when it finally comes out, you really enjoy it.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm saving more stuff for closer to the actual release date. Until then, enjoy the teaser!